Listed below are some of the projects URM are currently or have previously been involved in:

MLA Calf Alert Project: URM have been contracted by CQUniversity to assist in the Calf Alert project.  The project involves using telemetric systems to identify the time and location of calving events under commercial grazing conditions.  The results of the research will help identify reasons for calf loss.

Crushside Data Collection2

Cash Cow Project: The Cash Cow Project is one of the largest ever funded by Meat & Livestock Australia and investigated cow fertility in the northern breeder herd.  Don Menzies managed the data collection at the 59  properties from Queensland involved in the project. This utilised approximately 5 staff located throughout Qld to travel to the station, set up the NLIS equipment and record the data. Each property was visited twice per year for three years and the project recorded 78,256 breeders.

Riparian Zone Monitoring Project: The project includes collaboration from CQUniversity, CSIRO and Fitzroy Basin Association. The aim of the project is to investigate cattle activity in riparian zones with or without access to off-stream watering. Cattle grazing patterns are monitored using GPS collars fitted to the cattle. URM are assisting with the cattle management and application of the collars.

FBA GPS Collars
NLIS setup

Herd Management Solutions: Since the inception of NLIS in 1999, staff from URM have been supplying herd management solutions to the Austrailan beef industry. Solutions include beef producers using either software within the cattleyards, recording information into a liveweight scale indicator or URM supplying the labour to do the actual crush-side data collection.

Other Projects:

MLA Producer Demonstration Sites:

Project Title: Quantifying and demonstrating the management benefits enabled through NLIS technology - URM staff managed the data collection using NLIS technology, rugged laptops and herd management software. 

Project Title: Enhancing market compliance in MSA, EU and, Jap Ox markets for beef producers. URM has been contracted to analyse the carcase and live animal data to compare animal variables (origin, breed, year drop) with key performance indicators (carcase wt, price/kg, compliance to specification).

Project Title: Utilising Meat Standards Australia (MSA) feedback to enhance MSA compliance. URM were contracted to perform the analysis of the carcase and live animal data, comparing live animal variables to carcase parameters, in particular compliance to MSA specifications.

Liveweight Scale Data Analysis: URM provides a customised service to livestock producers wishing to record data into liveweight scales.  The service involves importing the data into a database, comparing it to previous information and generating customised reports. Data includes both liveweight and fertility information and linking to external sources such as the NLIS database and carcase feedback.

Other MLA Projects

Project Title: NLIS Device Performance Monitoring. As an addition to the Cash Cow Project, URM staff were contracted to assess the performance and retention of NLIS devices. The purpose of the project was to assist the NLIS Standards Committee to effectively monitor the performance of NLIS (Cattle) devices across approximately 20 Queensland properties.