Products & Services

Listed below are some of the products and services URM supplies.


Herd Management Solutions

EU Accreditation

Project Management

Database design & management

Data analysis

Hardware Products:

Allflex2 Allflex Australia Pty Ltd: Allflex is the global leader of RFID tags, management tags and readers with products being offered in every major livestock market in the world.  Allflex is renowned for innovation and proven and trusted quality, service and support
Tru Test Group Logo Small2 Tru-Test Pty Ltd: The Tru-Test Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of livestock weigh scale indicators and milk metering equipment.  Tru-Test are also world leaders in electric fencing and traditional fencing tools.
Aleis Aleis Pty Ltd: Aleis is the world leader in the manufacturing, supplying, and installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and systems for the livestock industry.
  Opentec Rugged Hardware: